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5 Tricky Ways to Get Your Dog to Eat Dry Food - Birdham Animal Feeds

5 Tricky Ways to Get Your Dog to Eat Dry Food

We love our dogs, but they can be overly picky when it comes to their food. Whether you have to change their food due to veterinary recommendations, dietary needs or you just found a better option, it may be difficult to get your furry friend to comply with eating their new food. It is highly recommended that you mix your old dog food with the new food until they get used to it. But that doesn't always work. Here are 5 other ways to trick your dog into eating their new (or regular) food.

1. Exercise:

One great way to get your dog to eat food they might be hesitant to eat is to make sure they get plenty of exercise. Especially important for high energy breeds, exercise will make your dog hungry and more likely to eat any food you put in front of them, really.

If exercise is your dog's normal routine, then try to push them a little further. Take your dog for a longer walk or add in an extra play time with their favorite toy. An exercised dog is a hungry dog, and a hungry dog is a little less picky when it's time to eat.

Running with Dog

(Image Credit: BarkPost)

2. Add to it:

Another easy way to get your furry friend to eat that dry dog food is to add something to it. Consider some low sodium broth or even a small amount of wet food to get them more interested. Make sure that whatever you add to your dog's food is mixed in very well, otherwise they may just eat the added ingredient and leave the rest.

3. Make sure you aren't over feeding:

Some dogs may turn down even the best dry dog food if they are being overfed. Switching food sometimes means having to feed your dog a different amount. Some brands will have more nutritional value than others. If you are feeding your dog food that is better for them, then they might actually need less of it because they are getting all the required nutrients in less servings. Always consult with your vet before making any dietary changes.

4. Cut down on treats:

We love to spoil our dogs, but if they aren't eating their food, it may be time to cut down on treats.

Dog with treats

This includes their own treats as well as (heaven forbid!) table scraps. Dogs might not be tempted to eat even the best dry dog food if they know that they'll be getting table scraps at some point. Nothing tastes quite as good as something you shouldn't have. So try cutting down on table scraps and treats until they become more interested in their own food.

(Image Credit: PetMeds)

5. Stick to a routine:

Dogs love and crave consistency, especially when it comes to feeding. When trying to get them to eat, it's important to stay consistent. Dry dog food may not be the most exciting option, but they are more likely to eat consistently if they are fed at the same time every day. This also means that if they don't eat within a certain amount of time, their food should be removed.