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Why Natural Dog Treats Are Better For Your Pet - Birdham Animal Feeds

Why Natural Dog Treats Are Better For Your Pet

You are what you eat, and this can be applied to your dog too. When it comes to a dog's life, their diet plays a very important role because it can affect their physical and mental health. Feeding your dog a nice balanced nutritional meal is very important for extending a dog's life. This goes for their food and their treats. With each generation, more pet owners are being conscious of what they're feeding their furry friends. Natural dog food and treats are becoming increasingly popular because owners are now understanding why natural dog treats are better. It's important for a dog to eat something that's both healthy and tasty.

What Are Natural Dog Treats?

Natural dog treats are ingredients that are from natural sources. Most store-bought dog treats are filled with artificial additives, questioning chemicals, and preservatives. These are not good for your dog and won't help with keeping them healthy. Natural dog treats in the UK contain some grains, but mostly a nice combination of high-quality meat and vegetables.

What Are The Benefits Of Natural Dog Treats?

Dogs are similar to humans in that they can also have intolerances and food allergies. Low-quality food and treats may increase inflammation or worsen an already allergic reaction. There are so many benefits of natural dog treats. Natural dog treats are very easy for dogs to digest due to their high-quality ingredients. Natural dog treats have far superior ingredients with often no premium costs. Natural dog treats have a lot of nutritional value that regular chemical-filled dog treats just don't have.

Due to the healthy meat and grains in natural dog treats, these can help with your dog's weight management. Natural dog treats don't have any filler or high calories that regular dog treats do, meaning that even if you're trying to make your furry friend lose some weight, they can still be rewarded with treats. While being very beneficial to your dog's health, natural dog treats in the UK can also help prevent tooth decay as they contain calcium, phosphorous, and other rich minerals. Many regular dog treats contain unnatural sugars or other harmful ingredients to your dog's dental health.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Choosing Dog Treats?

There are plenty of things you'll want to keep in mind when you're selecting natural dog treats for your pup. These are a few things that you'll need to keep in mind:

1)      Ingredient source, you'll need to look at where the ingredients are sourced from. Many benefits of natural dog treats would be the fact that the packaging is very direct. It's very important that a product is manufactured in one country. Knowing which country the ingredients were sourced in will allow you to know what's best for your dog.

2)      Names of ingredients, not all-natural ingredients are good for your dog. It's very important to understand that. Some natural ingredients such as onions are extremely toxic to a dog. Be sure to check the names of the ingredients on the packaging. If you're seeing names that you don't recognize, then it could potentially be a red flag.

3)      Unwanted Fillers, you'll want to look at the number of ingredients on the packaging because some may be unwanted fillers that could do more harm than good to your dog.