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Everest Yak Chews for Dogs - A Healthy Treat

by Birdham Animal Feeds on February 24, 2021

These chews, in tiny bits were first created and consumed as snacks by the Himalayan people decades ago as a good source of protein and still do now. We the pet store in UK, took the same idea and turned it into an all natural long hard cheese dog chews / dog toys for your pet. Made from Yak milk, Everest Yak chews contain the highest protein & calcium content with minimal fat and no chemically binding agents.

Everest Yak Milk Dog Chews are made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives what so ever. Compared to other types of dog chews, Everest dog chews don’t go waste because you can simply microwave the end pieces and turn it into a large cheesy puff that is crunchier and easily digestible.


100% Natural, Gluten Free Yak Milk Chews help to promote healthy teeth.

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