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Natures Grub Garlic, Herbs and Seaweed with Probiotics 300g


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  • 100% Natural Blend of Garlic, Spearmint, Oregano & Seaweed.

    Seaweed & Garlic are both great for poultry, Garlic helps aid digestion & support the immune system. Seaweed & Mint are rich in minerals, Seaweed can help to promote healthy iodine levels, whilst Mint helps to support digestive health, Oregano is high in dietary fibre. Probiotics help support & maintain gut health & digestion.

    • Ascophyllum Nodosum, Garlic, Spearmint, Oregano, Pro-Biotic. Digestibility Enhancer: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (4B1710) 12,500,000,000 cfu/kg


      • Add one 15ml Scoop (enclosed) per kg of feed

      • Analytical Constituents

      • Crude Protein 17%, Crude Fats & Oils 5%, Crude Fibres 2%, Crude Ash 15%, Lysine 0.5%, Methionine 0.2%