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Anco Fusions Infused Dog Treats


This perfect healthy snack will go down a treat! Gently infused to retain as many vitamins and minerals as possible, they're also gluten free and grain free so they're easily digestible.


  • Cold pressed

  • No additives, no colourings, no preservatives

  • Grain free

  • Easily digested so great for sensitive stomachs

  • Great for teeth as helps to remove tartar

  • Improves skin and coat condition

  • Hypoallergenic and gluten free

Rabbit Infused Beef Treats

Rabbit Fusions are beef treats infused with rabbit, and are made with no additives, colourings, preservatives or artificial flavours. They boast a high meat content and are easily digestible.

Hemp Oil Infused Treats

These little cold pressed beef and duck treats are infused with 100% pure hemp oil.

Rich in nutrients, hemp oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and heart & brain healthy fats.

Hemp oil has many benefits for dogs including:-

*Nourishes skin with anti-inflammatory fatty acids & vitamins

*Contains heart-healthy omega 3 & 6 oils

*Brain boost from lipids & polyphenols which optimise cognitive function

*Bioactive compounds for the relief of stress, muscle tension & pain.