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BAF Yak Chews


  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat
  • Gluten and Grain Free
  • No added preservatives
  • High in Protein

Yak Chews from the Himalayas

We are pleased to introduce our own brand Yak Chews. A great alternative to Everest Yak Chews which we have stocked and Yakers at a great price.

BAF Yak Chews are made from yak milk and are a natural source of calcium.

Made from Yak milk, our chews are high protein with a high calcium content with minimal fat and no chemically binding agents.

Our own brand Yak Chews are made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Our dog chews don’t go waste because you can simply microwave the end pieces and turn it into a large cheesy puff.

Yak Chews are a natural product and vary in length, width and colour as a result. We categorise our chews in size groups based on their weight. The typical weights per size are:
Small (NEW) (approx 45g to 60g)


Medium (approx. 70g to 85g)


Large (approx. 90g to 110g)


X-Large (approx. 135g to 150g)


XX-Large (approx. 160g to 180g)