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Chirbs Poultry Supplement


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Chirbs is the perfect blend of natural herbs and spices for chickens. Chirbs is a quality, daily nutrient supplement created specifically for chickens by award winning breeder.

Chirbs is 100% natural, safe and chemical free.

Chirbs provides essential nutrients for chickens and chicks.

Chickens need specific nutrients to help maintain all-round health, wellbeing and performance. Chirbs provides added support in times of need and is especially helpful for growing chicks, older birds and birds experiencing stress.

Chirbs is particularly recommended for ex-battery and rescue hens. Chirbs is made using the finest botanical herbs and spices. Chirbs is a tasty, healthy and safe supplement for your birds.

Simply add to your chickens' usual food. Use as a daily supplement for your poultry Supports healthy chick development. Keeps feathers healthy and supports birds during the moult. Chirbs is a natural, wonderfully aromatic blend of herbs and spices palatable to chicks and chickens.

Naturally high in vitamins and minerals including Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins A, B complex, C and K. Improves Omega 3 content in eggs making your eggs even better. Chirbs contains prebiotic fibre which is excellent for gut health in chickens. Includes garlic, traditionally used as a red mite deterrent and to support the immune system and aid respiratory health. Natural calcium content promotes good eggshell quality. net weight: 200g