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Mr Johnsons Wildlife Hedgehog Food 750g


A specially tailored diet to meet the nutritional requirements of hedgehogs, Mr Johnsons Wildlife Hedgehog Food contains high quality ingredients including tasty poultry and rice, fortified with essential vitamins Hedgehogs need to stay happy and healthy.

Hedgehogs are unfortunately on the decline as their natural habitat and food sources become depleted. Mr Johnsons Wildlife Hedgehog Food allows you to help wild hedgehogs, supplementing their natural diet which is particularly important in times of natural food shortage.

Ideal for feeding all year round (although they normally hibernate between November and Mid-March depending on weather), Mr Johnsons Wildlife Hedgehog Food is a crunchy kibble biscuit, easy to feed and with an irresistible meaty taste Hedgehogs love.

Composition: Poultry meal, meat and bone meal, rice, maize, poultry fat, poultry gravy, salmon oil, fish meal, brewers yeast, vitamins and minerals.