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Natures Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle


Natures Grub Red Mite Powder (Formally know as Diatomaceous Earth) is a 100% natural product, prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures so is totally inert and safe to humans and animals. DE can be used on animals, pets and birds against external parasites (lice, fleas, mites), internal parasites (worms), and for general good health.

Directions for use

To use for long-lasting red mite and flea control

Diatomaceous Earth should be used throughout the year as part of your hen house hygiene routine, preferably before you see any sign of red mite, as once they are visible to the naked eye the problem is much harder to control
Apply liberally to your hen house once a week, depending on the level of infestation, in a thick layer around the inside edge of your hen house, sprinkle in the nest boxes and around perches in particular. Can also be sprinkled in their dustbath
The most effective way to control red mite is to use a two pronged attack; firstly wash away the red mite's habitat with Poultry Shield or Smite liquid and then use Diatomaceous Earth for residual red mite control. Repeat in 6-7 days until mite are eliminated
To apply to the birds, puff the powder amongst the feathers, then ruffle the feathers to ensure a good coverage down to the quills. For dogs or cats, ruffle through their fur liberally to eradicate fleas and dust their bedding
To use as a mineral feed supplement

For Poultry: add 1-2 teaspoons per bird daily to their feed
For Dogs: add one large heaped teaspoonful per day for dogs over 25kg. For smaller dogs and cats add one level teaspoonful per day in their feed
For pigs, goats, sheep and horse rations, add 2% to their feed