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Nutriment's Core range of raw, natural dog food provides wholesome nutrition to adult, senior and puppy dogs, in a variety of delicious recipes. Formulated by in-house canine nutritionists, whose fundamental aim is to produce the highest quality raw dog food, our Core range includes lamb, duck, tripe, salmon, turkey, rabbit, venison, salmon and chicken formulas, as well as dedicated formulas for senior dogs and puppies.

Our premium, high-quality raw, Core dog food range is concentrated on pure meat sources (100% human grade raw meat), nutritious vegetables (such as pumpkin and broccoli) and health boosting superfoods (for example salmon oil and spirulina), making it a natural, complete and super healthy form of nutrition for dogs.

As is with humans, a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is one of the most important factors contributing to the wellbeing and vitality of dogs. At Nutriment, our raw dog food is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Rich in proteins, essential fats and fibre, each complete meal contains everything your dog biologically needs to live a full, active and happy life. Nutriment's innovative, raw food products are free from most common allergens and have a very high content of high-quality raw meat and vegetables to ensure maximum nutritional value.

We are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that our raw dog food products contain only high-quality, biologically appropriate and natural ingredients which boost the nutritional profile of our products. All of our ingredients, across all of our products, are carefully selected to ensure they are completely natural and free from any artificial additives, chemicals, flavours, colours or bulking agents

How is our Core dog food range different?

Carefully selected, high-quality raw ingredients

Nutriment pay great attention to detail when it comes to ingredients. By carefully selecting only nutritious, biologically appropriate and natural ingredients, we ensure that every raw food product we produce is full of essential nutrition which will maintain your dog’s energy throughout the day, as well as being great-tasting and enjoyable. This is specifically tailored to dogs ages: our senior recipes support dogs’ health as they age, and our puppy formulas feature ingredients which support a dog as it grows and develops. When it comes to your dog’s diet, quality is definitely more important than quantity; a natural, raw diet can support a healthy weight as well as a host of other health benefits.


Health benefits

A dog’s diet is a major contributing factor to their overall health. Unfortunately, in some low-quality, processed dog foods, it is not unusual to find artificial additives, chemicals, flavours, colours and bulking agents which can be potentially harmful to your dog. Raw dog food promotes good overall health as every meal is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential to optimal canine health. Various health concerns prevalent in today’s dogs, such as allergies, digestive issues and low energy levels, can be significantly supported with a healthy and nutritious raw diet.


Great smell and texture

Raw, natural ingredients will always smell more enticing and have better texture than dog food products which have been heavily processed. The way food tastes matters to dogs and can have a great effect on how much they eat, or how much vigour they eat with. Offering a high-quality, raw, natural diet, rather than foods which contain artificial preservatives and unnatural ingredients, is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog is able to enjoy what they eat every day.


Free from additives and preservatives

Low-quality, highly processed dog foods often contain flavour enhancing, artificial additives, chemicals, flavours, colours and bulking agents which can be potentially harmful for dogs when consumed in large quantities. Our raw, natural dog food is free from nasty chemicals and artificial ingredients and is made from high-quality meats, vegetables and superfoods to ensure every meal provides an optimal source of energy and nutrition.


Higher nutrient content

At Nutriment, we have an uncompromising approach to animal nutrition. Our human-grade raw meat ingredients make up at least 85% of each of our recipes and our supporting vegetables and superfoods are carefully selected for their nutritional profile and contribution to animal health. Nutriments in natural ingredients are digested and absorbed far more easily that synthetic and artificial ingredients meaning that our raw, natural dog food products are the best choice for optimal canine nutrition.