Supa Premium Suet Block / Scraps Feeder
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Supa Premium Suet Block / Scraps Feeder


The Supa Premium Suet Block / Scrap Feeder with Tray has been specifically made for feeding suet treat blocks or scraps to wild birds. Fill up this feeder with one of your garden birds favourite flavoured suet blocks and hang up in your garden ready to be surrounded by your feathered friends. 

The additional tray allows a wider variety of garden birds to feed from the feeder and reduces the amount of wastage being dropped onto the floor as the tray acts as a small feeding table where birds can perch, feed and rest.

The colour of this Supa Suet Block with Tray feeder may vary slightly, and should be placed high enough away from potential predators for the birds safety. 

Approx Dimensions Without Tray: H 13 cm x L 10 cm x W 3.5 cm.