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5 Benefits Of Canagan Dry Dog Food - Birdham Animal Feeds

5 Benefits Of Canagan Dry Dog Food

You love your dogs and want them to be not just healthy, but happy. That’s the usual concern of pet owners when the topic of wet vs dry food arises. Wet food looks more appealing to you, and the consensus among dogs is that it does to them, too. It’s also more palatable and flavorful in most cases. But dry food is easier to store, less messy, and has a much longer shelf life. So, where can the best of both worlds meet, if anywhere? In a much better brand of dry food than is most readily available in your grocery store pet aisle, of course. 

That’s where Canagan dry dog food comes in. The benefits of Canagan dry dog food include the things you’re probably already expecting, like real ingredients and taste, as well as some that you don’t see advertised as much by other brands - like the conscious approach to a proper amount of calories in Canagan dry dog food. These and more will be explained in this article.

canagan dog food

1. Balanced Nutrition

First and foremost your dog needs balanced nutrition in its diet. Canagan dry dog food uses 65% animal ingredients and sweet potato, botanicals, and vegetables. One of the best benefits of Canagan dry dog food is that it’s a grain-free, biologically appropriate ratio of meats to vegetables. 

2. Age, Size Specific Diet And Caloric Intake

Birdham Animal Feeds Company offers the full product line of Canagan dry dog food, including those suited for small breeds, seniors, and every dog inbetween. Dogs need the right balance of animal protein and fat, and vegetables at different life stages. The appropriate intake of calories in Canagan dry dog food has been taken into consideration, and you can find the right bag to fit the needs of any dog. You can also find the proper serving amounts with a useful calculator for counting calories in Canagan dry dog food at Canagan.co.uk.

3. Flavor

One of the best benefits of Canagan dry dog food is its ingredients. They only use real meats, botanicals, and vegetables. No calories in Canagan dry dog food come from fillers like grain or artificial sources. You’ll recognize the difference in how much your pet enjoys it.

4. An Ethical Business You Can Trust

Passion can get lost in multi-national corporations, and dog food already has minimal food safety regulations. Canagan dry dog food is made by a small group of true animal lovers. All ingredients come from the same trusted suppliers, and they sell through only trusted retailers, like Birdham Animal Feeds.

5. Award-Winning Brand

The many industry awards they’ve won highlight the many benefits of Canagan dry dog food. They include Dog Product of The Year, the Queen’s Award, and several others. 

Birdham Animal Feeds is a proud supplier of Canagan dry dog food enhancing their mission of providing natural, healthy dog products. Visit their full store at BirdhamAnimalFeeds.co.uk.