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How Often Should You Change A Cat’s Litter? - Birdham Animal Feeds

How Often Should You Change A Cat’s Litter?

It’s no secret that cats are pretty finicky about, well, everything. That includes handling their private business, and how often to change cat litter can mean as much for them as you. There’s a massive amount of product options on the market to make them more comfortable during bathroom breaks, but that also means many tid-bits of information for you to keep in mind - little bonuses depending on what you buy, like how often to change a cat litter tray, or how often to change non-clumping cat litter. The Birdham Animal Feeds Company just wants to see cats and their owners happy, so here are some tips that will help.

Types Of Litter

Some cats have a preference for the litter they’ll use. The most common types you will find are traditional clay litter, scooping - also known as clumping - litter, crystal-based or silica gel litter, and biodegradable litter derived from plants. Most cat owners report their cats prefer a soft and fine-grained litter, but all of these types can be found in that relative form.

cat litter

Many people assume the depth they add will reduce how often to change cat litter, but this will work against you in a couple of ways. For one, most cats seem to not use litter that is deeper than two inches. And while it might seem a good way to mask odors by burying urine and feces under that extra layer, it only makes cleaning harder when you do get around to it. Also, when it comes to how often to change non-clumping cat litter, all that extra material is continuing to soak up their mess and you’re only spending more money to replace it needlessly. 

Clumping litter has the benefit of burying smells itself, actually, as well as segregating away from litter that is still good - besides assisting you with visual cues on how often to change cat litter. Birdham Animal Feeds has great clumping, natural cat litters available if you’re inclined to give it a try: Maizy Cat Litter, and Pettex Fullers Earth Clumping Cat Litter.

How Often To Change Cat Litter

With both Maizy and Pettex, how often to change cat litter is the same recommendation for most brands - at least twice a week. How often to change non-clumping cat litter can vary, but most people aim for three times a week or more.

How Often To Change Cat Litter Tray

Ideally, spot-cleaning daily will help, but how often to change the cat litter tray depends on your cat. Plastic trays become grooved by cat scratching, making bacteria and germs likelier to embed into them. Scrubbing with dish soap with mild to no scent seems to be less off-putting to cats than heavy chemical smells. If you trust that it’s clean and in good condition, and your cat is using it, then how often to change the cat litter tray comes down to personal preference. 

For more tips on cat care and great cat products, check out the online store at BirdhamAnimalFeeds.co.uk.