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Can I Use Natural Bar Soap On My Dog? - Birdham Animal Feeds

Can I Use Natural Bar Soap On My Dog?

If you have a pet dog that loves to dig and explore, you will know how much they need a good wash in the bath every now and again. Keeping their dogs clean and well-groomed is a priority for most pet owners, but choosing the best products for your pooch can be a bit hit and miss. 

Natural Bar Soap For Dogs

Finding soaps and shampoos that can effectively clean your pet's fur without irritating their skin can be challenging. While searching for the best dog soaps, you may have come across bar soaps and wondered, am I safe using natural bar soap on my dog? Using natural bar soap that has been specifically created for dogs offers an excellent alternative to bottled shampoos. Still, it is always best to double-check the ingredients for anything that could aggravate your dog's skin or cause allergies. Natural bar soaps for dogs often come in a variety of options so that you can select the best choice for your dog's needs. Whether that is an antibacterial formula because your dog has rolled in something unpleasant, or a soothing formula for an anxious pet, you are sure to find a natural bar soap for pets that is suited to your dog.

Benefits Of Natural Bar Soap For Dogs

Using natural bar soap on my dog can offer several benefits:

  • It provides a great lather which makes bathtimes easier.
  • It makes it easier to massage your dog's skin.
  • Natural ingredients mean fewer or no chemicals.
  • It can offer therapeutic benefits for specific conditions, such as dry, irritated skin.
  • No plastic packaging.
  • Bar soap is often a more cost-effective option, providing more washes for less money.

Avoid Human Bar Soap

If your dog is a muddy mess and you have been caught short without any dog shampoo at home, you may be tempted to try giving him a wash with your own soap. But, before you do, it is crucial to know that using human soap or shampoo on your pup could be a bad idea. 

Lathering up human soap on your dog may make him smell great, but it could play havoc with his skin. Dogs' skin has a different PH level to human skin, which means that human shampoo could cause severe irritation. Chemical additives that are added to your shampoo may also impact your dog, even if they do not cause you any issues. While chemicals and preservatives in human soaps can be harmful to your pup, natural soaps could also cause them problems. Many popular essential oils used in human bathing products are actually toxic to dogs, so steering clear of these is vital. 

The safest option and best choice for your pet is to avoid human bar soaps and other toiletries altogether and opt for a specially designed natural bar soap for dogs that meets the needs of their fur and skin. Having beautifully soft skin and a tangle-free coat will make natural bar soap a popular choice with your dog.