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Which Disinfectant Is Safe For Dogs? - Birdham Animal Feeds

Which Disinfectant Is Safe For Dogs?

Every dog owner wants to provide a happy and healthy home for their pet, so keeping them safe from harm is always a priority. Unfortunately, there are a few health and safety hazards in homes that can cause issues for dogs and other pets, and your cleaning products are one of them. 

As a dog owner, you likely spend plenty of time each week mopping up muddy paw prints and cleaning up accidents. But when you are busy cleaning up after your dog, it is essential to pay close attention to the products that you use. Knowing which disinfectant is safe for dogs is critical to protect your pet's health. Using cleaning products containing chemicals or additives that could harm your dog is something that is crucial to avoid. 

Cleaning your floors and other surfaces with a powerful disinfectant may seem like the best way to keep your home clean, but it could have severe consequences for your pet. Harsh chemical cleaning products can lead to your dog becoming physically ill and can cause skin irritation. If your dog licks their fur and cleans its paws after walking on a freshly mopped floor, it can easily ingest potentially harmful cleaning products. So, being aware of these dangers and knowing how to avoid them is vital to keep your pet well.

dog safe disinfectant

Dog Safe Disinfectant

Knowing which cleaning products are harmful is helpful, but you may be wondering which disinfectant is safe for dogs? Luckily, dog safe disinfectant is available and will help you keep your home clean without putting your pet at risk. The Be: Loved Be: Fresh Home and Kennel Sanitizing Spray is an ideal choice for pet owners that want to enjoy a hygienically clean home without worrying their pet is in danger. The great thing about this sanitising spray is it doesn't just clean; it also has a great natural fragrance to freshen up your surfaces. Choosing a cleaning product designed specifically for use in homes with dogs also brings additional features. The Be: Loved Be: Fresh Home and Kennel Sanitizing Spray features natural odour-eliminating active ingredients and helps to create a positive microclimate in the home to minimise allergenic agents. 

Cleaning Product Safety

As you can see, it is possible to enjoy a beautifully clean and fresh home while selecting products that are safe to use around your pet. But, even when you choose pet-friendly cleaning products, it is still essential to store them safely. Keeping all of your cleaning products and other potentially dangerous household products away from your pet is crucial to reduce the risk of accidental poisoning and irritation. Ensuring that these products are all stored out of your pet's sight and reach is vital, but it is better if you can lock them away so that your dog cannot access them at all. 

Whether you have a curious little puppy at home or a seasoned older dog, choosing pet-friendly disinfectants is the best choice to keep them safe while keeping your house clean.