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          Animal welfare is top priority at JR Pet Products, we are proud to provide 100% Natural Treats for your pet, ensuring quality and nutrition are at the heart of every product!

          Jr Pet Products Team

          JR Pet Products (36)

          JR Dried Tripe Sticks 100g


          JR Fish Skin Cubes


          JR Salmon Pate


          JR Lamb Lung 65g


          Puffed Pig Snout


          Rabbit Ears with Hair 100g


          Christmas Ostrich Advent Calendar


          Lamb Tail Single


          JR Rabbit Pate


          JR Three Bird Roast Mini Christmas Hamper


          JR Chicken Breast Jerky 100g


          JR Beef Tails 250g Pack


          JR Turkey Pate


          Cow Ears with Hair Single


          Rabbit Skin with Hair 100g


          Beef Air Pipe 200g


          Natural Porky Pig Snouts 500g


          JR Beef Tendons


          Beef Air Pipe 1kg


          Braided Lamb - Single


          Buffalo Horn

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