Animal welfare is top priority at JR Pet Products, we are proud to provide 100% Natural Treats for your pet, ensuring quality and nutrition are at the heart of every product!

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Rabbit Ears with Hair 100g


Cow Ears with Hair


JR Lamb Pate


JR Chicken Pate


Ostrich Straws


Braided Pizzle Single


JR Lamb Spaghetti


Lamb Tail Single


JR Beef Tails 250g Pack


Beef Slice with Hair 35cm


Natural Lamb Tripe Treats 25cm 150g


JR Salmon Pate


Rabbit Ears with Hair Single


Smoked Cow Ear


Cow Ears with Hair Single


Natural Porky Pig Snouts 500g


JR Venison Ears with Hair


Goat Ears with Hair 100g


JR Duck Pate


JR Pure Meat Sticks


Rabbit Ears Single

JR Pet Products
JR Pet Products